July 13, 2012 | By: America's Infrastructure Report Card

ASCE is currently developing the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure and we need your help in identifying “Success Stories” – examples of how public and private organizations have addressed specific infrastructure problems with some creativity and determination.

While the 2009 Report Card showed there is much work to be done to raise the grades, we know there are countless examples of projects and programs from across the country that demonstrate progress is being made.  It is


these “Success Stories” that we need your help in telling.

We are trying to identify a diverse set of “Success Stories” for each of our report card categories and from each of the 50 states.

Do you know of any projects that integrate at least one of these criteria?

  • Increased federal leadership
  • Promotion of sustainability and resilience
  • Develop federal, regional, and state infrastructure plans
  • Address life-cycle costs and ongoing maintenance
  • Increase and improve infrastructure investment from all stakeholders

Please use this online form to let us know about Success Stories that we should include in the 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Feel free to include photos or web links with your submission. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ASCE at govwash@asce.org, or just comment on this post.



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  1. Dave Devine says:

    My hometown made a significant investment in infrastructure through the construction of three reservoirs, two dams that create reservoirs on a river coming into town and one constructed reservoir, offline of the river, that also serves as a lake & park. These efforts were in place as of the late 1960s, so I understand the history. This summer, as in much of the mid-west, droughts are creating great concern, crops, water use, etc. There are advisories about water use, but the concern for quantity of water is not really an issue. I do not believe quantity has ever been a concern due to these three reservoirs.

    I believe this was local leadership, efforts of the local water utility.

    The other major infrastructure issue that gets old time locals chatting is that evidently one of the early downtown Interstates was planned for this community, but the locals did not offer up the 15 or 20%, unclear what amount there was, for the project. The downtown shopping does not exist any more as the shopping malls of the 1970s on the outskirts of town attracted the customers. One critique is the downtown is silent after the business day since the activity is largely government, banking, lawyers, etc.