July 9, 2012 | By: America's Infrastructure Report Card

President Obama signed the surface transportation bill, MAP-21 (HR 4348), last Friday at the White House. The President’s signature comes 1,010 days after the last surface transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU, expired. The new $118 billion, 27 month piece of legislation will fund programs until September 2014.

ASCE President Andrew Herrmann, P.E., SECB, F.ASCE, was in attendance for this afternoon’s signing ceremony.  Hundreds of ASCE Key Contacts assisted in this effort by responding to Key Alerts asking them to call, email or make visits with their elected officials to let them know how vital this legislation is to the nation’s infrastructure, and to the livelihoods of all Americans.  Thanks to all those who helped!

For more information on the legislation and to see how your Senators and Representative voted on the final surface transportation bill please visit our “Transportation in Action” page.

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  1. Dave Devine says:

    A bill, now law, for only 27 months rather than 6 years seems to still not be all too much better than continuing resolutions. Longer term infrastructure planning, one aspect ASCE advocates and what I recall being a big part of the Fly-In, still will not occur.

    All Indiana representatives voted for the committee report/compromise bill between the House & Senate as did one Senator. This was surprising as just in March several representatives from IN were not in favor of the bill at all, from what I hear the biggest issue there was the bill no longer included a penalty for leasing the toll road – a new/newer financing mechanism that brought in BIG $$$ to fund new construction in this state. Indiana may be destined to always be a donor state with federal fuel tax though.

    September 2014 – a bit before a mid-term election means what? More probability or less probability that congress will act at that point?