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America's GPA: D+
Estimated Investment Needed by 2020:
$3.6 Trillion


Oregon Key Facts:

Water and Environment


  • Oregon’s dam safety program has 2.93 Full-Time Employees that each oversee an average of 453.9 state regulated dams.
  • Oregon has 135 high hazard dams.
  • 65% of the state regulated dams in Oregon have an Emergency Action Plan.
  • Oregon’s state dam safety program has an annual budget of $244,000.

Drinking Water

  • Oregon has reported $2.8 billion in drinking water infrastructure needs over the next 20 years.

Hazardous Waste

  • Oregon has 14 sites on the National Priorities List.


  • Oregon has approximately 311 miles of levees according to the current FEMA Midterm Levee Inventory.


  • Oregon has reported $3.8 billion in wastewater infrastructure needs over the next 20 years.



  • There are 97 public-use airports in Oregon.


  • 433 of the 7,633 bridges in Oregon (5.7%) are considered structurally deficient.
  • 1,341 of the 7,633 bridges in Oregon (17.6%) are considered functionally obsolete.
  • Oregon received $77.2 million from the Federal Highway Bridge Fund in FY2011.

Inland Waterways

  • Oregon has 680 miles of inland waterways, ranking it 15th in the nation.


  • Oregon’s ports handled 26.9 million short tons of cargo in 2009, ranking it 24th in the nation.


  • Oregon has 17 freight railroads covering 2,395 miles across the state, ranking it 30th by mileage.


  • Driving on roads in need of repair costs Oregon motorists $495 million a year in extra vehicle repairs and operating costs – $173 per motorist.
  • 65% of Oregon’s roads are in poor or mediocre condition.
  • Oregon has 59,127 public road miles.
  • Oregon’s highway vehicle-miles traveled in 2009 was approximately 8,799 per capita, ranking it 38th in the nation.
  • Oregon’s gas tax of 31 cents per gallon has not been increased in 1 year.


  • Oregon has 123,244 annual unlinked passenger trips via transit systems – motor bus, heavy rail, light rail, and commuter rail.

Public Facilities

Parks and Recreation

  • Oregon has reported an unmet need of $21 million for its parks system.


  • Public school districts in Oregon spent a total of $1.4 billion on capital outlays for school construction and acquisition of land and existing structures in fiscal years 2005–2008.
  • It is estimated that Oregon schools have $2.5 billion in infrastructure funding needs.


  • Oregon produces 35.299 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy every year, ranking it 3rd.


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