ASCE’s Maine Section has released the 2020 Report Card for Maine’s Infrastructure. The Report Card shows that Maine’s infrastructure is in mediocre condition, with an average G.P.A. of a “C-”.

The report evaluated sixteen categories with the following grades: aviation (B), bridges (C-), dams (D+), drinking water (C), energy (C+), hazardous waste (D+), levees (C-), parks (C), ports (B-), rail (C+), roads (D), schools (C), solid waste (C-), stormwater (C-), transit (D+) and wastewater (D+).

Of note, report also finds:

  • Improvements in Maine’s multimodal freight transportation network – which includes the state’s aviation, ports and railroad infrastructure, has provided greater economic opportunities and efficiency in Maine. However, the surface transportation network (bridges, roads, and transit) has lacked the funding mechanisms to improve its network, resulting in little progress in recent years.
  • Aging drinking water infrastructure is a serious issue for Maine’s water utilities as they continue to miss the 1% annual replacement rate. While, Municipal wastewater infrastructure is also aging, with many treatment facilities being built in the 1970s. However, recent improvements have helped reduce the volume of combined sewage and stormwater discharged from 6.2 billion gallons in 1987 to 0.5 billion gallons in 2018.
  • Maine is a leader in renewable generation, with approximately 75% of the state’s net generation being renewable energy compared to 18% for the U.S., giving energy one of the higher grades in the report.

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