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States Could Face Surface Transportation Performance Goal Penalties

As we move into reauthorizing the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, recently reported data shows Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia will need to spend a collective $1.8 billion prior to September 30, 2020—the FAST Act expiration— on improvements to National Highway......

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Senate Passes First FY20 Appropriations Bills

This week, the Senate passed their first FY20 appropriations bills in a “minibus,” or spending package (H.R. 3055) that consists of four bills: Interior & Environment; Transportation, Housing & Urban Development; Commerce, Justice & Science; and Agriculture. The Senate’s FY20 Interior & Environment appropriations bill includes: $9 billion for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),......

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Future World Vision Unveiled 2019 ASCE Convention With Extra Push for Infrastructure Advocacy

ASCE’s 2019 Convention looked a little different this year. Attendees are able to step inside a Floating City – the first installment in ASCE’s Future World Vision, which was officially unveiled at this year’s Convention. Outgoing ASCE President Robin A. Kemper opened the morning energizing the audience by sounding the alarm on infrastructure. In her......

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Freight Movement Is On the Rise, So America’s Infrastructure Must Hold Its Weight

The national transportation and research group TRIP released a new report on October 3, 2019 detailing an expected 104% rise in annual freight transportation across the U.S. from 2016 to 2045. This increase in freight movement breeds challenges to the nation’s already aging infrastructure. The report, “America’s Rolling Warehouses: Opportunities And Challenges With The Nation’s......

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103-Year-Old FHWA Rule that Prohibits Innovation Repealed

For the past century, states were not allowed to use “proprietary” products on their federally funded projects. In other words, states could not use federal aid to use or buy patented or propriety products  and also limited specifications or processes for bridge and highway projects eligible for funds under the federal-aid highway programs –even if......

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Senate FY20 Appropriations Updates

Thanks to advocacy by ASCE’s Key Contacts and the U.S. Levee Safety Coalition – of which ASCE is a member – the Senate Appropriations Committee matched the House’s $15 million proposed funding level for the National Levee Safety Program’s levee inventory in its FY20 Energy & Water Development appropriations bill, which passed out of the......

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