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103-Year-Old FHWA Rule that Prohibits Innovation Repealed

For the past century, states were not allowed to use “proprietary” products on their federally funded projects. In other words, states could not use federal aid to use or buy patented or propriety products  and also limited specifications or processes for bridge and highway projects eligible for funds under the federal-aid highway programs –even if......

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Senate FY20 Appropriations Updates

Thanks to advocacy by ASCE’s Key Contacts and the U.S. Levee Safety Coalition – of which ASCE is a member – the Senate Appropriations Committee matched the House’s $15 million proposed funding level for the National Levee Safety Program’s levee inventory in its FY20 Energy & Water Development appropriations bill, which passed out of the......

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ASCE Testifies on Country’s Pressing Infrastructure Needs Before House Budget Committee

On September 25, the House Committee on the Budget, whose chief responsibility is to draft an annual concurrent resolution on the budget that provides a Congressional framework for spending and revenue levels, held is first hearing focusing on the nation’s infrastructure in recent memory. ASCE Board member and Director of Houston Public Works Carol Haddock......

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Congressional Briefing on Resilience in Puerto Rico Highlights ASCE 7

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) held a Capitol Hill briefing on Tuesday to examine resiliency in Puerto Rico two years after Hurricane Maria. In his opening remarks, ASCE’s Executive Director Tom Smith, ENV.SP., CAE, F.ASCE stressed that building resilient infrastructure was in the best interest of the American taxpayer, as every dollar spent......

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Update on the Fiscal Year 2020 Appropriations Process

This week, the House passed a stopgap spending measure, or continuing resolution (CR), to fund the government through November 21, 2019. The current fiscal year expires on September 30, and without a stopgap measure, a government shutdown will occur. While the House passed 10 of its 12 Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 appropriations bills before the......

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Resilience Revolving Loan Fund Helps Cities and States Prepare for the Future Now

We’re at peak hurricane season, with the recent Hurricane Dorian squeaking by the Carolinas, but devastating the Bahamas. At the same time in Houston, torrential rain and deadly flooding from the remnants of Tropical Storm Imelda is canceling flights, leaving hundreds of cars abandoned in the roads, and turning roads into rivers. Now is an......

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Congress is Back in Session: Here’s What to Watch For

Now that summer has ‘unofficially’ ended, Congress returns to D.C. with a laundry list of items to accomplish before wrapping up the 2019 legislative session. However, what’s most pressing is that Congress must pass all 12 appropriations (funding) bills before the end of the fiscal year on September 30, 2019 to prevent a government shutdown.......

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August Recess Winds Down, but All Eyes and Ears on Automated Vehicles

Automated systems are making their way into our commercial trucks and buses, intriguing both federal and state Departments of Transportation. This interest edges us closer to seeing more of these on the road, which means factors such as safety, regulation, and funding must be taken into consideration. In recent weeks, we saw the American Association......

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U.S. Department of Agriculture Spotlights Inland Waterways with Town Hall and New Report

On Wednesday, U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and Assistant Secretary of the Army R.D. James hosted a town hall outside of St. Louis to highlight the relationship between the inland waterways and the American agriculture sector. Bill Stahlman, PE, M.ASCE represented the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) at the town hall, offering......

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Big Travel Weekend Coincides with New Traffic Report

This weekend marks the last (unofficial) weekend of summer, and with the long weekend just hours away, people across the country will be hitting the road. Another holiday means more holiday traffic, which shines a spotlight on the need to improve our transportation infrastructure. According to the travel industry group Airlines for America, about 17.5......

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