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Civil Engineers Advocate for Infrastructure on Capitol Hill

Infrastructure has been a “buzzy” topic around Washington as of late, and this week ASCE members added their voices to the conversation by making in-person hill meetings to share the Society’s views on infrastructure investment, including FAA reauthorization, the 2018 WRDA bill, and the SRF WIN Act, with federal lawmakers. These visits came at an......

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Minnesota & Wisconsin’s Twin Ports Region Receives a “C” in 2018 Report Card

The 2018 Report Card for the Twin Ports Area’s Infrastructure, released today, gives infrastructure in 10 northeast Minnesota counties and six northwest Wisconsin counties an overall grade of a “C.” The report finds that while the region’s infrastructure is currently slightly better than the national average, backsliding will occur in the next five to 10......

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A Look Back: One Year With the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card

The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card celebrates its one-year anniversary today. Referenced by champions of infrastructure investment across the nation, the Report Card reminds us that with long-term investment, smart leadership, and preparation for the future, our nation’s D+ infrastructure problems are solvable. Since its release at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. last March, the 2017......

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Idaho’s Infrastructure Stalls at a C-

Civil engineers in Idaho released the 2018 Report Card for Idaho’s Infrastructure today, giving the state an overall grade of a “C-.” Idaho is now the fastest growing state in the country, and local and state leaders are being encouraged by ASCE members to proactively prepare the state’s infrastructure for a much larger population. Seven......

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Senate Democrats Release New Infrastructure Plan

This week, the Senate Democratic Caucus unveiled their own new jobs and infrastructure plan in response to President Trump’s Infrastructure Principles released in early February. Under the Senate Democrats jobs and infrastructure plan, there would be a $1 trillion federal investment to modernize our deteriorating infrastructure. ASCE President Kristina Swallow released a statement, highlighting that......

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ASCE Gives Michigan Infrastructure a D+

The 2018 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure, released today, gave the state an overall grade of a “D+.” Much of the state’s infrastructure is reaching the end of its useful life and continues to threaten the state’s lakes, rivers, drinking water, and public health and safety. 13 categories of infrastructure were assessed by a group......

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Infrastructure Requires Attention in the Land of Lincoln

The 2018 Report Card for Illinois’ Infrastructure, released today, gave the state an overall grade of a “C-.” 10 categories of infrastructure were assessed by a group of nearly 30 civil engineers from around the state. Illinois’ overall GPA remained unchanged from the 2014 Report Card for Illinois’ Infrastructure, an indication that the state has......

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National Park Service Celebrates Engineers Week with an Aqueduct Restoration Project that Connects NPS Engineers with our Nation’s First Engineer

This week is National Engineers Week, which celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world. This is a guest post by David Engelstad, P.E, who works for the National Park Service. In the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, parks received a grade of ‘D+.’ What better construction project can you be assigned to than one that connects......

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