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Driving Off the Fiscal Cliff

Congressional leaders and Obama Administration officials continued to meet behind closed doors the past several weeks in order to come to a compromise on the fiscal cliff. Many in Washington are speculating the possibility that the federal gas tax may be reexamined as a revenue option during discussions. Incoming House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill......

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Save America’s Infrastructure Gives Thanks

This Thursday, families across the country will sit down and give thanks for good fortunes they’ve encountered this past year. Members of our office and the infrastructure community in general have reason to be thankful for a great many things that occurred this past year or exist as a part of America’s infrastructure as a......

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2012 November Ballot Initiatives

This past Tuesday, voters across the country went to the polls and let their voices be heard.  Voters in 39 states were asked to decide 188 ballot propositions – the most since 2006. ASCE members in 5 states -Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Maine and Oklahoma were sent Key Alerts in regards to state-wide ballot initiatives dealing......

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Get Out The Vote (for Infrastructure Initiatives)

Voting is the most important part of the election process.  On Election Day, elected officials find out if their constituents believe they’re doing a satisfactory job, or not. This year on Election Day make sure you get out to vote. On November 6, as you cast your vote for public officials at the national and......

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Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority Up For Renewal on November 6th

On November 6th, our country will face many difficult decisions about its future. However, one issue in Colorado Springs, CO is not difficult whatsoever: the renewal of the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (PPRTA). Question 5A asks voters in El Paso County, Colorado to approve the extension of the PPRTA, a one percent tax to......

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$4 Billion in State Bond Issues Up in General Election November 6

That $4 billion dollar figure is up from the $1.9 billion in infrastructure bonds that were on the ballot just 2 years ago according to the National Conference of State Legislators.  From transportation bonds in Alaska to a dam repair initiative in Hawaii to a clean water question in Rhode Island, infrastructure has come back......

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New Mexico Releases New State Infrastructure Report Card

On September 21, the New Mexico Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers released the 2012 Report Card for New Mexico’s Infrastructure(Report Card).  In its newest report, the New Mexico Section graded the state’s infrastructure a C overall, with aviation, rail, road, and solid waste infrastructure worsening since the last report in 2005. The......

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Senate Passes Temporary Spending Bill

Early last Sunday, the Senate voted to pass a continuing resolution (CR) that funds the government for the first half of Fiscal Year 2013, which begins October 1.  The bill expires March 27, 2013 and will provide $1.047 trillion in discretionary spending, which matches the cap set in the Budget Control Act (BCA) signed in......

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Check Out Our New “Failure to Act” Economic Report!

Last Thursday, ASCE released its latest “Failure to Act” report on the economic impact of underinvestment in America’s infrastructure. In the report, we’ve projected a significant gap between planned investment and spending needs for the nation’s airports, marine ports, and inland waterways. With ports and inland waterways critical to our nation’s global competitiveness, the report......

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