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Can-Do States Who Tackle Infrastructure Are Just What the U.S. Economy Needs

Sometimes you just have to do it yourself. That’s the message some states seem to be sending as federal infrastructure bills like the Water Resources Development Act keep getting sidelined by Congress or only seeing short-term efforts like the MAP-21 Transportation Reauthorization. The Metropolitan Policy Program at Brookings has called these states that have decidedly......

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Highway Trust Fund: Running on Empty

…..Tuesday morning, the House Subcommittee on Highways and Transit met to discuss the status of the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) and the effects its impending insolvency would have on transportation projects nationwide. As it stands, the HTF receives almost 90% of its revenue from taxes on motor fuels. As CAFE standards increase the number of......

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Mexico Ramps Up Infrastructure Investment Over the Next 5 Years

This week Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto announced an initiative to fund $300 billion dollars (4 trillion pesos) worth of infrastructure projects through 2018. The money will be used to extend highways, revitalize and extend both passenger and freight rail, and upgrade ports in Mexico to increase capacity and efficiency of handling. “Nobody can doubt......

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Mr. Civil Engineer Goes to Washington

Happy 4th of July, America!  Baseball’s All-Star break is this week.  These and more serve as reminders that we have reached the “mid-point” of the summer.  Are your summer advocacy plans in place? If you are an ASCE member, you should start your advocacy plan by signing up for the next Key Contact Briefing Conference......

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House Approves Bill to Fund Corps of Engineers in FY 2014

The House approved a bill late last Wednesday that would fund the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works programs for Fiscal Year 2014. The bill, (H.R. 2609), calls for spending a total of $4.899 billion for Civil Works for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2013.  It includes $1.573 billion for construction, $23 million......

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Rough Time for State Activity

It’s been a rough couple weeks in state capitols for infrastructure advocates as four states – Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington – are struggling to enact major transportation funding proposals. Particularly disappointing is that in each state seems so close to the finish line. In Texas, the high profile filibuster over abortion legislation during a......

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Electrical Transmission 101

…..On Tuesday, electrical transmission and distribution experts gathered for what they termed “Electric Transmission 101”. Emphasized in the presentations were the system limitations faced by our electrical grid, as well as issues regarding generation, transmission, and supply. Currently, our electrical grid is lacking in many areas. It is inadequate to connect rich sources of renewable......

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45 Cities Join to Launch Resilient Communities for America Initiative

Last week, the National Press Club hosted the launch of the Resilient Communities for America campaign. Forty-five mayors and county leaders have signed the agreement, pledging to invest to make towns and communities more resilient in the wake of increasingly severe weather. Mayors of many prominent cities such as Denver, San Diego, Washington, D.C., Sacramento,......

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Sprawl is No Joke

I recently caught this article from The Atlantic, The Devastating Impact of 30 Years of Sprawl, As Seen From Space. Pretty crazy stuff, huh? Sprawl is one of those things that happen so gradually it is hard to notice in your day-to-day life.  This article shows the use of GIF’s just what is happening not......

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