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Infrastructure Investment Must Be a Key Component of COVID-19 Emergency Relief

With State and local government losing revenues from transit ridership and motor fuel taxes, now is the time for Congress to provide immediate and necessary relief to ensure that all sectors of our infrastructure remain safe and reliable.

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Tell Congress to Fund the High Hazard Potential Dam Rehabilitation Program

Write your Members of Congress and ask them to fully fund this program so that our nation’s “D” dams can receive the investment they need.

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Tell Elected Officials About the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card Grades

While we have made some progress, reversing the trajectory after decades of underinvestment in our infrastructure requires transformative action.

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Congress – Pass an Infrastructure Bill with a Highway Trust Fund Fix

Tell Congress to reverse decades of underinvestment by making an infrastructure bill a top priority in 2020.

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America Scores a D+


The 2017 Infrastructure Report Card gives our nation a D+ across 16 infrastructure categories #InfrastructureMatters

Fix the Trust Fund


#FixTheTrustFund to put us on a road to better transportation! #InfrastructureMatters