2013 Report Card

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Congratulations USDOT Smart Cities Challenge Winner, Columbus!

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) revealed Columbus, Ohio, was the winner of their Smart Cities Challenge, showcasing an innovative transportation strategy made possible through investment in smart city technology. Like ASCE’s #GameChangers project which shows inspiring examples of innovative trends happening with our nation’s infrastructure, all 77 of the proposals submitted to the Challenge......

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Infrastructure in the News: States Plan Ahead

With the holidays around the corner and a long-term transportation bill signed into law, this week’s headlines have centered on states’ reactions to the funds they have been granted from the FAST Act. In New Mexico, the state delegation announced that more than $11.5 million will be available to rebuild infrastructure damaged by severe storms......

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2013 report card for america's infrastructure

Two Year Anniversary of the Report Card

Two years ago this month, we released our 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure. Our nation’s D+ infrastructure grade is critical to share as we advocate for infrastructure investment, especially given the Highway Trust Fund is headed toward insolvency this summer. Over the past year, ASCE and the Report Card have received more than 24,000......

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This Week in Infrastructure: Getting Infrastructure Projects Moving Through the Ballot Box

With Election Day around the corner, ballot initiatives related to infrastructure will give voters a chance to help shape our nation’s future. The economic, environmental and public safety issues on each state’s ballots underscore ASCE’s strategic initiative: improving our nation’s infrastructure. Infrastructure is the backbone of our economy. The roads and bridges we drive on,......

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