gas tax

States Stepping Up

A growing number of states are taking action during their legislative sessions to increase investment in transportation. This trend is in vogue for several reasons. First, many states that have taken action have done so after years of kicking the can down the road. For example, Iowa’s 10-cent increase is the first boost since 1989.......

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This Week in Infrastructure: State Solutions, Innovations for Infrastructure Improvement

  A bus tour sharing the message we need to invest in infrastructure to “Grow America”, increased momentum towards state-level gas tax increases and new transportation innovations are all building momentum towards improving our nation’s infrastructure. On Wednesday morning in Los Angeles a water main broke that was installed in 1926, causing flooding and damage to nearby......

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This Week in Infrastructure: Infrastructure Won’t Fix Itself

It is not a news flash that America’s infrastructure needs serious attention and investment. In light of increased attention to our nation’s surface transportation needs, many states are proposing increasing the gas tax to fund transportation.  In addition, there has been an uptick in the number of news stories highlighting the need to be more......

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