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Despite Senate Transportation Action, House Stymies Progress

During the last two months, the Senate made good use of its time to craft a multi-year surface transportation bill with an increase in funding. As is often the way for Congress, it still came down to the wire. For over a week, the U.S. Senate has been in a mad dash to complete its......

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New Game Changers Report Identifies Top Trends Shaping Infrastructure

The challenges our infrastructure faces are chronicled frequently on this blog and in the media. The Highway Trust Fund heading toward insolvency (again). Water main breaks occurring every two minutes. Congested roadways causing us each to lose time and waste gas. But that’s only half the story. Today, we released our new Infrastructure #GameChangers report,......

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Five (More) Myths About the Highway Trust Fund

1. Devolving the federal program to the states is a viable option Devolution is the idea of eliminating the federal government’s ability to collect the current 18.4 cents per gallon in federal gasoline taxes (absent a few cents to remain dedicated toward maintaining the Interstate Highway System) and transferring all authority over these programs to......

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What Does the Foxx Say?

While it might not be as amusing as this, this week U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said that a quality transportation network is important to the future of the nation and he urged Congress to quickly adopt a multi-year surface transportation bill.  Secretary Foxx did so as he rolled through a few southern states in......

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Moving Goods Moves the Economy

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Commerce Transportation subcommittee held a hearing on the role of U.S. ports, titled “Keeping Goods Moving.” Recently, the west coast ports have experienced major backups. These delays and their economic impact could be a glimpse of things to come if we fail to modernize our freight transportation network to meet......

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Chime in on Wednesday to Fix the Trust Fund

As Congress continues the debate on the best way to #FixTheTrustFund and modernize America’s roads, bridges, and transit, USDOT Sec. Foxx and Transportation & Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster are heading to Twitter for a bipartisan “townhall” to discuss surface transportation. The town hall, a first of its kind, will be Wednesday, Feb. 11 after Sec.......

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